Wake Orthodontics Wins WRAL Voters Choice Award


Wake Orthodontics is excited to announce that we have won First Place as Favorite Orthodontics Practice in the WRAL Voters Choice Awards for 2018! The WRAL Voters Choice Awards celebrate the best of Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and beyond.  Residents and patrons of businesses in the area were encouraged to nominate their favorites in the [...]

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A New Year And A New Smile For Your Teen


2018 has come to an end and we welcome 365 brand new days—fresh opportunities for growth, success, and happiness. This year, don't let anything hold your teen back from achieving their perfect smile. For many teenagers, crooked or imperfect teeth can have a negative impact on self-confidence. Make a New Year's resolution to correct their [...]

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Your Child Needs A 6 Month Checkup


Wake Pediatric Dentistry provides comprehensive dental care for general preventative needs for your children. Our goal is to help kids maintain their oral health and educate them on the importance of good oral hygiene. Wake Pediatric Dentistry offers a few reasons why keeping a child’s appointments is so important. What to expect at a 6-month [...]

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Meet Dr. Ken Benson


The team at Wake Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry, located in Raleigh NC, is pleased to welcome new provider Dr. Kenneth Benson. Dr. Benson attended University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for both his undergraduate and graduate studies in dentistry.  He continued his education at Virginia Commonwealth University where he completed his Oral & Maxillofacial [...]

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What Does That Dental Term Mean?


When it comes to your dental health, it is important to know and understand common dental terms and procedures so that you can make the best and most informed decision about your oral care. Talking to your dentist about anything you don't understand or have questions about in relation to your dental health is always [...]

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Your Braces Are Finally Off! What’s Next?


Finally, after what felt like forever, you've finished your orthodontic adjustments and your braces are off. Your teeth feel incredibly smooth and you have a lot more room in your mouth. Your smile is great. How do you ensure that your newly perfect, straight teeth stay that way? The phase immediately following and for some [...]

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National Orthodontic Health Month 2018


When kids and parents think of October, they think of Halloween, bags full of candy, jack o’ lanterns, and pumpkin spice lattes!  When the team at Wake Orthodontics thinks of October, they think of beautiful smiles! October brings National Orthodontic Health Month, a time to focus on and celebrate great oral care and the work that [...]

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Do You Know How To Handle A Dental Emergency?


You do your best to take good care of your kids' teeth. They brush and floss regularly, wear proper mouthpieces when playing contact sports, and visit the dentist every six months. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean that emergencies won't ever happen. If your child has experienced a dental emergency, you need to know how to respond [...]

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The Top 3 Benefits of Invisalign for Your Student Athlete


For those looking to straighten their teeth and improve the overall appearance of their smile, Invisalign can be a great option. Specifically, the Invisalign system works by using a series of clear, plastic aligners to gradually straighten and re-position the teeth over time. Invisalign can be used to treat just about any orthodontic issue that [...]

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