Summer vacation is a time to relax, have fun, and avoid the strict schedules that plague students throughout the year. However, this doesn’t mean you should take a break from your orthodontic treatment. Skipping appointments with an orthodontist is like forgetting to take your medicine. When you don’t take your medicine, your condition doesn’t improve. In fact, you might even get sicker. The same is true for your teeth. Every orthodontic appointment has a purpose. When you miss one, the course of your treatment can change. We know that summer appointments are important for your treatment outcome. The team at Wake Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry shares some important reasons to make sure you remember your appointments over the summer!

Your Personalized Treatment Plan

When you begin orthodontic treatment, your orthodontic team examines your mouth, teeth, and entire oral structure to determine the exact treatment you will need. While most patients visit the orthodontist every six weeks, it’s important to follow the plan tailored to your individual needs. At each visit throughout your treatment, we will evaluate how your teeth are moving and the health of your teeth and gums. This careful evaluation allows her to make small changes if your teeth aren’t exactly cooperating with the original plan, allowing your treatment to stay on track.

When you skip an appointment, you miss more than a check-up. You miss the opportunity to have your braces adjusted to the next level, which could impact the length of your entire treatment. Missed appointments could result in many difficulties, including:

  • Your teeth might plateau. Skipping an appointment usually means skipping a chance to tighten your braces. While this might not seem like a big deal, extra time will give your teeth a chance to get used to the position they’re in, making continued movement slower.
  • You might get cavities. Braces make it difficult to see and clean plaque on some areas of your teeth. The team at Wake Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry can observe problem spots early, and help you get things under control. If dental work becomes necessary, parts of your braces may have to be adjusted temporarily.
  • You could miss an important adjustment. While they seem similar, not every visit to your orthodontist is the same. Each one of your teeth moves differently, and the visit you miss might be a big one.
  • You might need a change. Even the most carefully laid plans are susceptible to change. Teeth can be unpredictable. Every time you visit, we make sure everything about your treatment is going smoothly. Frequent opportunities to make small changes can have a big impact on how long you have to wear your braces.

Summer Dangers for Your Teeth

When most people think of summer, they dream of slower schedules and relaxation. It’s not uncommon for children to extend this relaxed schedule to their dental routine. Skipped days of brushing and flossing, combined with the sweet treats of summer, can quickly deteriorate healthy teeth. Keeping up with regular home care and visiting your orthodontist during summer months will help you avoid future cavities.

With summer comes the promise of wonderful food. While braces-wearers aren’t forced to skip all of the great foods of summer, there are certain ones that can be hazardous. With ripe fruits and vegetables in season and special frozen treats to enjoy, it can be easy to forget which foods to enjoy. Whether your indulgence is corn on the cob, whole fruit, sticky taffy, or ice snacks, it’s important not to delay a trip to the orthodontist when braces are damaged. One misplaced bracket might seem like a problem that can wait for fall, but it could put you on the path for slower treatment.

Keeping your orthodontic treatment on track doesn’t mean you have to derail your summer. Rescheduling an appointment to fit into your vacation plans is an easy fix instead of skipping appointments altogether. Your orthodontic team will be happy to see you before or after your trip to the beach. Remember, every time you visit the orthodontist, you are one step closer to that healthy, beautiful, straight smile you’ve been dreaming of.  


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