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Your first visit is all about your child –
their comfort, happiness, and health.

At Wake Pediatric Dentistry, we want nothing more than to give your child a healthy, beautiful little smile, along with a positive first dental experience. Your child’s opinion of dentistry is formed now, so be sure to help give them a good impression by choosing a practice that truly cares about their health and well-being. Our pediatric dental specialists, Dr. Stephen C. Pretzer, Dr. David Kornstein, Dr. Rob Moran, and Dr. Travis Hicks have years of experience working with even the smallest of smiles. Along with our friendly team, they are dedicated to your child’s health.

When should a child visit a dentist for the first time?

It is generally recommended that an infant be seen by a dentist by the age of 1 or within 6 months after his or her first tooth comes in.

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Our comprehensive pediatric dental services include:

  • Pediatric dental care for infants, special needs, teens, and preschool/school age children
  • Preventive cleanings, fluoride, and sealants
  • Composite fillings (white tooth colored fillings)
  • Hospital dentistry
  • In-office nitrous sedation (laughing gas)

Serving Raleigh and Garner NC (North Carolina) — Dr. Stephen C. Pretzer, Dr. David Kornstein, Dr. Rob Moran, and Dr. Travis Hicks are your pediatric dentists, offering dental care for infants, children and teens.

During your child’s first visit, we will:

  • Review dental and medical history forms
  • Take X-rays of the teeth and mouth
  • Clean and polish your child’s teeth, checking teeth and gums for any cavities or early signs of tooth decay or gingivitis

After the checkup and teeth cleaning are complete, the doctor will meet with you and your child to discuss X-rays, help create an individual treatment plan, and answer any questions that you may have.

Bring your smile, but also remember to bring these with you to your child’s first appointment:

  • Your completed patient information form
  • Your insurance card

What’s the difference between a pediatric dentist and a regular dentist?

Our pediatric dentists have at least two additional years of training beyond dental school. This extra training focuses on management and treatment of a child’s developing teeth, child behavior, physical growth and development, and the special needs of children. This specialized training combined with the passion of our dentists, ensures that children feel safe and happy during their dental visit.

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