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“Little Things Make a Big Difference” – J.P

Good Morning Dr. Dave,

I haven’t stopped thinking about your conversation with my son, T, yesterday. I wanted to take a minute to let you know how much that extra 15 minutes at the end of his checkup meant to him, and to me.

I started bringing my kids to Wake Pediatric Dentistry somewhere around 2008 because my then 4 year old needed a filling on his front baby tooth. I had to search high and low for a dentist that would agree to fill it and not cap his teeth. I was so glad to have found your practice.

Because of the care my three boys have gotten over the last 11 years (wow!) they actually look forward to their dental checkups. This is something foreign for me…i always grew up terrified of the dentist and i still hate going. I am beyond grateful that my kids have a healthy, stress-free outlook on going to the dentist.

My oldest, T, is now a first year Biology major at UNC Chapel Hill. He’s home for Spring Break and a much needed time-out from his difficult classes.

For a little background, T had a 5.04 gpa in high school and graduated #6 in his class. He started UNC with 29 credits from AP classes he took in high school. He has never struggled with academics. Until now.

T went in as a Bio Major with all intentions of going to medical school eventually. Though he was never clear on what path exactly, he knew it was something in the medical field.  After barely getting out of Chem 101 with a “C”, he started to rethink what he was doing. He hoped Chem 102 would be better but he is really struggling in that class as well. He figured if he can’t get through the first round of Chemistry, how can he continue to pursue medicine?

Even though his classmates can relate, and he hears from other adults that Chem is hard for everyone, he beats himself up about the fact that he’s not exactly “getting it.” This is something completely new for T & has him second guessing his entire plan and everything he had thought he might accomplish.

After you shared your college experience with him yesterday, we walked out to the car and were discussing how nice it is was for you to take the time out of your busy afternoon to chat with him. You offered to let T shadow you sometime next year, and as we talked about what a great opportunity that might be, i saw something in T I hadn’t seen in awhile…..hope, possibility, excitement and even relief. It was huge for him to hear from someone who has been in his shoes, and made it out alive & successful. 🙂

I just had to let you know what an impact that 15 minutes had on T….and on me. Sometimes it’s little things we do that make a big difference for others, and this was one of those times.

Like I said, I have always been happy with the care my kids have gotten at your office, but this was a different level of care altogether. T has grown up coming to your office, and when I think of his “village”, I am proud to say, I consider you & your staff part of his support team. Thank you for that!!

I hope that you have a great weekend!


J. P .