Our Patient’s Stories…

As the only first orthodontic-pediatric dental office in the Raleigh area, we offer a rare opportunity to take care of the orthodontic and pediatric dentistry needs of your child in a cohesive team-oriented environment. Hear what patients have to say about our bi-specialty practice:

We choose Wake Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry because our daughter has special needs and their practice was recommended to us as newcomers to the Raleigh area. The one-stop experience of a practice that caters to both orthodontic and dental needs has helped us overcome our daughters anxiety about meeting new people and acclimating to new environments. Dr. Dave and Dr. McCutchen have made the overall experience wonderful by helping our daughter overcome her anxieties about going to the dentist and the orthodontist. The team at Wake Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry make us feel like family when we visit and this is very comforting to us. We have recommended the team to all of our friends and neighbors. The team’s willingness to work within our schedule and incredible bedside manner is a big plus!” -Mark


I have been asked by so many new parents in the area, “Who do you recommend for an orthodontist?” I always tell them Dr. Macon is the best. All three of my children saw Dr. Macon for orthodontics, he is the very best in Wake County.” –  Bambi A.

My girls love Dr. Dave on the dentistry side. My oldest has had a wonderful experience with Dr. Macon on the ortho side. As a parent, I love everyone in the building! They really seem to care about our kids, and the kids can feel it! Thank you, Wake Ortho and Dentistry team!!!” – Jennifer T.

Thank you! Thank you!  Wow after 15 years and three children, Dr.Macon is finally finished with the Byron family, and have ALL those trips been worth it!  Dr. Macon and his staff have been nothing but wonderful to work with.  There has always been a pleasant, fun and relaxed atmosphere at their office, a true pleasure to visit each month!  Right from the beginning we have been impressed.  When our dentist suggested we go and possibly start with our first child, we had consultations with two orthodontists.  One wanted to start right away, but Dr. Macon highly recommended that we wait until she lost most of her baby teeth (which was another year later).

Dr. Macon never started too early. He always began the process at the right time and ended exactly on time, or even earlier than promised, and for teenagers that was very important! Thanks again Dr. Macon and your amazing team!” – The Byron Family

Thank you so much for a truly wonderful experience this afternoon.  Your staff was so friendly, helpful, and professional!  The kids had a great time and left school today making quite a fashion statement in their tie-dyed shirts, sunglasses, and water bottles.  Please pass along my sincere thanks to Dr. Macon.  His personal involvement with our kids was such a treat!  Thank you, again, for everything.  We look forward to touring with you again in the future!”

We have been going to see Dr. Macon since ’08. I like the professionalism of all the staff, from the front desk all the way to the doctors. They all treat everyone with respect and genuine care. I also appreciate that they are mindful of my time. Waits are never long and service is quality and efficient. 5 stars!” – Rebecca H.

Dr. Macon, Dr. Collie, & Dr. McCutchen have done a fabulous job; my teeth look great! I am so pleased with the results. The office is filled with a funny, warm, professional staff, which truly has been a pleasure to see each month. The best compliment I can give is, my experience was such a positive one that when I found out my daughter needed to see an orthodontist, Dr. Macon was our first choice. Thanks, Dr. Macon, Dr. Collie, & Dr. McCutchen!” – Lori Mize

Dr. Macon, Dr. Collie, & Dr. McCutchen and their staff are so great! They are fun, nice, and talkative. They make you feel good and they sure know how to work on your teeth because now my braces are off and I am leaving with a smile! Thanks Dr. Macon, Dr. Collie, & Dr. McCutchen and staff!”– Katija Harris

This is our third time coming to Dr. Macon, Dr. Collie, & Dr. McCutchen. We’ve already had twins come to the office for two to three years. It was a great experience (for as great as going to an orthodontist could be!) and it was made so easy for the boys. They never minded or complained about going. The entire staff is as kind and caring as any I’ve seen. Dr. Macon, Dr. Collie, & Dr. McCutchen are wonderful doctosr and do not rush you. They take great care in thinking through the entire treatment for the patient and puts the patient at ease with his calming manner. I would never hesitate to recommend Dr. Macon, Dr. Collie, & Dr. McCutchen and their staff to anyone. They’re excellent doctosr and “family” to have through your orthodontist experience.” – Janeen Delimata

I am very pleased with the way my smile has improved. I have always been self conscious on my bottom teeth. Dr. Macon, Dr. Collie, & Dr. McCutchen straightened them in less than one year for a minimal expense. They even financed me! During my visits, their staff was always kind and considerate. There was seldom any waiting time and the procedures were done efficiently. I have recommended and will recommend Dr. Macon, Dr. Collie, & Dr. McCutchen to anyone interested in orthodontic work. My smile is now perfect and I receive lots of compliments. Thank you, Dr. Macon, Dr. Collie, & Dr. McCutchen!”– D. Crowder

We have been very pleased with our experience with Dr. Macon, Dr. Collie, & Dr. McCutchen. I appreciate that they did not encourage us to rush any step of our children’s orthodontic needs. Instead, they were patient to make sure the time was right for each of them. They provided us assurance along the way regarding each of their unique challenges. My son had a significant overbite and is also missing a permanent tooth. I feel that Dr. Macon, Dr. Collie, & Dr. McCutchen addressed both of these challenges and our son, now 15, has a confident smile. We are just starting this process with our daughter who is going to be twelve. Again, Dr. Macon, Dr. Collie, & Dr. McCutchen did not rush the process and at the same time has assured us tha tthey can address her unique challenges. Both of my children have seemed very comfortable with his calm and friendly personality. I would definitely recommend Dr. Macon, Dr. Collie, & Dr. McCutchen to my friends.” – Tina Williams

Thank you so much for giving me a beautiful smile and treating me with kindness during my visits. Having braces was a fun and unforgettable experience. I’m so happy to have a smile worth showing off, all thanks to you!”– A.K.

Thank you so much for my beautiful smile! I know my parents are dentists and everything, but they could never do what you did: I’m so glad they took me to you for my braces. I don’t think anyone could have done a better job. I look forward to getting my retainer soon so I can keep my teeth the way they are now. It was great to get them off the day before homecoming. I was so excited, and having them off made me smile even more. Even though I was anxious to get them off, I had a lot of fun with them while they were on.  One more thing I have to say is — I love your staff. They are incredibly nice, and you all make my appointments fun. I never dread an orthodontic appointment. Well, thank you so much again. See you soon!” – L.G.

Our experience with Wake Orthodontics has been perfect. The office is clean and pleasant, the staff is always nice and polite, our appointments are on time, and, by the way, our son’s smile looks fantastic! It’s the best medical experience we’ve ever had. Thanks for all you do!” – Michaux Crocker

Dr. McCutchen, Dr. Macon and Dr. Collie and their staff are wonderful! They explained the planned treatment in detail and patiently answered all of our questions. We have been extremely impressed with the level of professionalism. Also, their office is brand new and gorgeous-plenty of natural light and comfy furniture. We’ll definitely be returning with our younger daughter when it is time for her to get braces.” – Sara Hamm

Dr. Collie is the best orthodontist- he is thorough and professional and a genuinely caring Dr. My son has braces and I have an old retainer that broke- he took the time to fix that for me. You will love this entire practice. Everyone is happy and friendly!” – Michelle Aust Baur

Wonderful orthodontist!! My son loves coming to see Dr. Macon, & all the staff every month! Everyone is so nice, and never any pain from his braces!!” – Ashley W-M.

Thank you for making Cassidy’s smile beautiful!!! We love you staff!!!” – Amy D.

God bless the hands of this staff so kind from 8 years ago with them and I wouldn’t trade them for nothing!” – Mary C.

Love Wake Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry… we see Dr Collie and Dr Pretzer — they are great!” – Ben M.

Pediatric Dentistry

Love everything about this place! Everyone who works here area top notch at customer care! They care for my children like their own! Always leave there better than the time before!” – C. Vogt

I grew up going to this dentist, and am constantly told by dentists/hygienists now how great of a job Wake did on my sealants and front tooth repair – I’m missing a good chunk of my front tooth from face-planting on the concrete back in 3rd grade, and have had no complications from it since. Every dentist I’ve gone to since (4 dentists) have reiterated how rare that is and how great the work was. I also recently went to a new dentist in my town (live in Roanoke, VA now) and I had some questions about their treatment plan. I had my records sent back over to Wake and Dr. Kornstein called me back within the hour to give his opinion – these are the type of people you can most definitely trust to take great care of your teeth, but also YOU. After having gone from age 4 to 18, I can guarantee you’ll be treated with utmost respect from everyone in the office. Writing this review makes me wish I were 10 again, haha.” – H. Cox

I have a special needs daughter and they are wonderful with her.” – B. Hartley

Always a great visit. Front office staff are friendly. The dental technicians are kind and sooth any fears. Dr. Travis makes it fun for my son keeping him smiling, laughing and talking through his exam. Not sure how he gets a chance to see all the teeth! Highly recommend this practice for families and nervous kids.” – B. Cash

What a wonderful place! The staff is so sweet, fun, informative, and comforting to kids AND parents! When my little had her “sugar bugs” removed, Dr. Rob has explained everything he was going to do and more, and gave my updates through the whole process. I was more nervous than she was but he put me at ease. And Ms Amanda stayed with her the whole time! I mean, I hated dentist as a kid, but my daughter loved them! And for that, I am oh so grateful! You go, guys! You are doing a great job!” – O. Eisenmann

The staff is always so nice and friendly. My kids absolutely love Dr. Dave! My son recently had a minor surgery on the inside of his upper lip on a Thursday and Dr. Dave called me the day of the procedure and throughout the weekend to make sure my son was ok. He even gave me his cell phone number to call if there were any problems! This mom was thoroughly impressed with the wonderful customer service!

Having had terrible dentist experiences in my past, I was really afraid my four year old would be traumatized himself. Nothing further from what actually happened. He had an awesome experience not only with the dental hygienist but also with Dr. Moran. I’m very pleased with the atmosphere, kindness of everyone in the office and I look forward to keep coming back knowing my son was treated and will continue to be treated as special as he is.” – A. Ordonez

They are AWESOME!!! The Assistant KayKay was wonderful with my 2 year old. This was her first time.” – K.Kenon

 My 10 year old has been going to Wake Orthodontics and Pediatrics since he was 3. They have always been so wonderful with him, and therefore he has never had any fear or hesitancy in going to the dentist. He is now also seeing the Orthodontics side of the practice as well and they are just as wonderful. His younger brother who is now 3 has just made his first trip to Wake Ortho and Pediatrics today. He was so scared and did not want to go back to see the dentist. The hygienist was so caring towards him and put him at ease within minutes of being in the chair. My 3 year old left with a huge smile and thumbs up to everyone. After each visit, the hygienist and the dentist explain to you how the visit went and take the time to answer any questions you may have. Would not want to take my children anywhere else for their dental needs. The office is extremely clean. There is more than adequate seating. The receptionist is friendly and helpful and works with you with any concern you may have. The entire staff is friendly and patient; from the time you sign in, all the way up to making your next appointment before leaving. Love, love, love this place!” – A. Whatley

Great team, excellent services!” – H.Qasim

The dentist was very specific and the details of my child’s care and his explanation of her diagnosis was very clear! The staff was very polite and the office was clean. I could not ask for a better dental office.” L. Wallace

My Daughter is a patient at both Wake Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentist since the age of 3. The staff is always friendly, the atmosphere is low stress and the facility is geared toward children of all ages. My Daughter who is now 13 has no complaints and that’s what I like most of all.” T. Jones

My three and a half year old had his first cleaning today and it went swimmingly because of the excellent staff at Wake Pediatric Care. They did a great job of explaining the steps to him in an easy to understand way and made it fun.” E. Vlkojan-Reece

Coming to Wake Ortho & Ped Dentistry is easy – our children are very comfortable. They run on time and couldn’t be nicer! Great dentists and staff.” – S. Schmalz

I just love the staff. Dr. Dave is our go to man for our sweet baby girl. He is always so patient and understanding. I highly recommend these awesome people.” A. Thorpe

As always, everyone was extremely friendly, professional and made my children feel at ease. They get excited to go to the dentist. The dentist answered our questions, took time with us, and helped us understand the additional needs he recommended. Very happy with today’s visit.” – L. Windell

Dr. Kornstein was very thorough and kind. I felt very good about the way he treated me and more importantly my child. Thank you so much for making this a fun experience for her, she talked about it all day!”

Always find this office very accommodating and professional. Dr. Kornstein is so friendly and makes my children feel very comfortable with any treatment he gives them. I am very pleased with this office.” –  Amy Eddins

My son has had severe anxiety when it comes to going to the dentist, we have been through three different dentists before we found Wake Pediatrics. He has felt absolutely no anxiety whatsoever with having work done on his teeth. I just want to thank all the staff for such great patience with working with children that are scared, they have turned my son around. Now he asks, “When can we come back”!!! Thanks,” — Rebecca Byers

We always have a great experience at this dental office. We have been going there for about 6 years and our daughter is now 9. She never has expressed anything negative about the treatment she gets there, except she doesn’t like getting the novocaine … but who does! They always treat her so nice and make her feel very at ease. Dr. Pretzer is a very compassionate dentist and does a very good job. We are well pleased with this dental office. Thank you.” — Linda

Fantastic experience. We appreciate all the time given to us to explain before, during and after the procedure. Dr. Kornstein and staff were great and the genuine effort given to make it a good experience for us shows us the staff really cares.” — Pam

I am absolutely, positively thrilled. The fact that I was done with it in less than a year, and really had no inconveniences whatsoever, makes me wonder why I even hesitated.” – Vivian

My daughter’s first dental visit was simply wonderful. The staff was welcoming and friendly. They broke everything down to me, and treated my daughter with great compassion! I’m looking forward to her next visit, and I’m sure she is too!” M.H.

We love Dr. Dave and his staff. Awesome environment & great energy! The new office is beautiful and I LOVE that they have wireless so I may continue to work while my daughter is being treated.”  — Shelley

LOVE the experience we have had with each of our visits! Think Dr. Kornstein is amazing with my kids. My daughter wouldn’t stop talking to him post appointment (even though he probably had something he needed to go do) and he was so patient gave her all of his attention. Such an unbelievable trait given the busy nature of a Dr.’s office!” – Avery

Dr. Kornstein was great. He took the time to explain everything and calm the fears of the patient as well as the parents. Thanks.”

Phenomenal!! I was invited back to be with my son and everything was explained exceptionally well. We were seen by Dr. Rob.” – Kenneth

My 5 year old was afraid to go to the dentist until we found Dr. Pretzer. Now my 3 year old and 5 year old look forward to their appointments. Dr. Pretzer and his staff know how to handle a child expressing “anxiety” — they know how to turn a tear into a smile. This is exactly why I refer this office to anyone that asks me if I know a good pediatric dentist Thank you Dr. Pretzer!!” – Tracy M.

Thank you so much for the caring way you handled my daughter at her recent dental check-up and cleaning. You and your staff showed such patience and I really appreciate it. It means so much that you all care and treat “special” kids like Melanie so nice.” – Mrs. Brock

Thank you so much for being so patient and kind to Garrett. He was definitely a handful. You are truly the Best! I will recommend you to everyone. Thanks again” – Donna W.

Thank you for “one of the best dental health presentations” ever offered at our pre-school. The sessions were perfectly geared to the ages and interests of our young students, and Mrs. Barbara Denning, the dental Hygienist, was wonderful with the children. Some parents even commented that their children demonstrated for them the correct way to brush their teeth after participating in the session. We eagerly look forward to your visit to our school again next year.” – Carrie Griffith, Director

Dr. Dave has a gift for relating to children and their parents. I so appreciate his kind and gentle nature.”

Thanks for the wonderful experience. The girls want to know when they can go to the dentist again! It was a GREAT experience!! Loved the staff and my daughter thought the dentist was wonderful. Thanks for making her comfortable and excited about coming back!!!”

Dr. Pretzer and his nurse/hygentist (Sharon) were extremely kind and helpful to my daughter and I. This was her first visit to the dentist and she left feeling proud. The doctor went above and beyond by also counting the teeth of my 20 month old son. Thank you for such a wonderful experience.”

My daughter had a wonderful experience! Everyone was extremely kind, my daughter actually can’t wait to return. smile emoticon Bonus points for having 2 Keurigs with lots of drink choices, awesome play area & the giant bouncy ball machine!! Highly recommend!” – Jana G.

Thank you all so much for squeezing my daughter in after she had a nasty tumble at daycare. I had great peace of mind knowing that you were so accessible and had after-hours emergency care if needed. Helped ease some of this mommy’s worry! And even though I knew she would be upset during any procedure (standard for a toddler), she shared waves and “fist bumps” as we left.” – Amanda R.

My children have received care at this practice for nearly a year now. I have been very pleased with the professionalism, care, and quality of service extended to our family. Today’s visit reminded me why I love this practice so much! You all exceeded my expectations!” – Teresa R.

Thank you so much Dr. Pretzer and the whole office for great experience at a dentist office ! You got our teeth for life!!!” – Ghenet M.

Thankful I found a dental office with an amazing atmosphere and staff!” – Tiffany S.

I can’t thank you guys enough for the kindness you showed my Ethan today. Way beyond my expectations!!!!” Sherrie C.

My boys enjoy every visit! You have made their experiences truly awesome for the past 10 years. Thank You very much!!” – Juana H.

Had a wonderful visit today at both the pediatric dentist and orthodontist! We especially loved Dr. Dave and his ability to make this first visit feel fun..” – Barbara K.

 My five year old son was seen yesterday for an “emergency ” visit. The night before he jumped off the couch and hit his mouth on the arm of the sofa. I panicked when I saw his tooth was loose and the other teeth slightly shifted. When I arrived at the office the following morning we were seen immediately. I was assured my son was just fine. Apparently his teeth were already loose! He just turned 5 last week and I didn’t expect him to have loose teeth so soon! The staff were extraordinarily kind and helpful. My children look forward for their biannual cleanings here also. I highly recommend Wake Orthodontics & Pediactric Dentistry. I wish they would take me as a patient! – Toni D.

My favorite dental experience so far for my 2 year old, I was seen by Dr. Moran who was absolutely amazing with my son! I felt like he really cared and tried to make my son and I comfortable. Also the dental tech was very helpful and sweet as well! Definitely would recommend to other parents to bring your children here!” – Sherry E. 

Dear Sharon,  Thank you for pulling out ted. You have so much patience for me and I am so happy! The tooth fairy gave me five dollar.” – Julia.

Dear Sharon, I’m not sure if you noticed your angel wings when you were getting dressed this morning, but Julia and I are convinced that you have them!! We can’t thank you enough for your tremendous patience and incredible kindness that you showed to us both yesterday. As a mom with very little patience, especially in the face of panic, I know I was drawing from your calm and patience yesterday in order to endure that stress and to be calm for Julia’s sake. That was one of the top 5 toughest parenting moments for me and I know we wouldn’t have come through it the way we did without you. Julia told me this morning that she felt “proud” for yesterday. It was a HUGE growth moment for that sweet little girl to conquer the fear!! Please know how much you’ve touched our lives and we will be forever grateful to you for getting “ted” cut. Julia said he belongs on the floor anyway and the tooth fairy brought her $5!! Forever grateful!” – Jen W.

The service is best – from the appointment section down to the checkout section! The dentist was really good to handle multiple procedures at one time. The dental assistant was really awesome in relaxing my child while the procedure is ongoing. I highly recommend this facility.” – Aileen

We felt like family when we arrived for my sons first ever dentist appointment. I will recommend this dentistry to every parent I know. My son felt so comfortable and loved the treasure chest of goodies at the end of his visit. The office was designed with children in mind. Such a wonderful place. I wish I had went there when I was a child. – Magdalena H.

My 5 year old daughter was seen as an emergency walk in due to severe tooth pain. I was able to call the provider on call night before the visit and was told that they would see her that morning as soon as the office would open. I was very grateful as my daughter had never been seen here before. The front desk staff was kind, Morgan was exceptional and kind with my daughter and I throughout the entire visit. Dr. Pretzer was the dentist who cared for my daughter, I realize he must have had a busy morning schedule but yet was very kind and patient with taking care of my little girl and listening to her dental history. He at no moment felt me feel bad about her dental condition nor with having concerns with what I would have to pay. I am so grateful for him and his staff in helping my little one to become pain free and not have a frightening experience as previously in the past at other dentist offices. ” – Jeanette

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